Вакансии стажер в городе Винница

Найдено вакансий: 3

Компания: Shift GmbH

Experience with measuring tools, including 2D and 3D measuring machines. Understanding the quality requirements in machine building. Contribution to training and knowledge sharing activities for new measurements procedures and internal processes for current employees and newcomers.

Компания: Brain Source International

Full higher education in the relevant field of study (master, specialist). ​4+ years of experience on the position of...Collaborate with the general manager to develop efficient defense strategies. Develop and implement internal governance policies and regularly monitor compliance.

Компания: Shift GmbH

Без высшего технологического образования в области машиностроения. Без релевантного опыта. Кандидатам с низким уровнем владения Английским и Немецким языками. Reflection of performed activities and status updates in internal IT System for order management. Communication with clients, production partners and...